Sussana and Funani at Ryvanz-Mia Childcare-Kpando

Volunteer Trip to Kpando (Part One)

Kpando is a Municipal located in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is about 7 hours away from the Regional Capital of Ghana; Accra. Kpando is blessed with natural resources like; Mountains, a Monkey Sanctuary, Waterfalls, and Volta Lake the largest artificial lake in the world, people of diverse ages, sex, education, agricultural technology or expertise, and business-minded, among others. It is a beautiful town known for and its main language is “Ewe”. 

Its market days come every four days when buyers and sellers across the town come to trade and go back. The market can take about 5000 to 6000 traders on market days. While non-market days, about 300 to 500 native traders are always in the market. The market has two parts, where, one section is a closed one and the other is opened.

The exact place I traveled to, was Gabi, Kpando which is not far from Kpando Lorry Station, about 10 minutes’ walk away from the main lorry station. I stayed at Hope Memorial Daycare/School compound which is owned by Madam Regina Esime Djentuh. Staying with Mama Esi and the family was so lovely, wonderful, exciting, educative, and fun. I got to understand the Hope Memorial School even better after hearing it from Mr. Venunye, Director of the school.

I stayed over for a week and did not want to go home due to the kindness and love given to me by Mama Esi, but then, I thought of the cost I was incurring on her. Not only did I cost her financially, but also, emotionally and physically. The whole stress of preparing our meals three times daily was something I would never forget in my life. Despite her age, she still stood low to our level, and this has taught me a great lesson about services: service is about being humble, and with a good heart, it even makes it easier. Again, with a pure heart of service, there is no retirement. I went with a friend called Funani, from Malawi.



Photo of Mama Esi preparing our breakfast.

During my stay in Gabi-Kpando, I had fun with the school kids anytime I go to any class to assist. I was usually seen in kindergarten one and two (KG 1&2) and Basic one and two as well. The school has two break time sessions before closing. There were no dull moments spent with these kids. Almost every day I learn something new from them. My sessions with them were educative, interactive, and fun. One thing I realized is that these kids were always ready to learn and the energy in them oh my gosh, and I loved it. There were two pupils in the KG 2 class; Jennifer and Veronica, whenever they were asked to answer a question and they would weep because they do not know the answer while their colleagues were answering. I assisted those classes with Mathematics, Science, English, and Writing. It was a great opportunity to have been with those kids. Below are the pictures of KG 1&2, and basic 1&2.