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Kpando is centrally located in the Volta Region, near the eastern border of Togo and west of the Volta Lake. It’s approximately a 3-4 hour drive from Accra through the east corridor. Kpando is a large town with a population of 15,000 and serves as the administrative capital, providing social amenities such as electricity and clean drinking water. Learn more here.

People in Kpando speak Ewe, English, and Hausa and are mostly involved in farming, fishing, woodworking, pottery, and other jobs. Accommodation is provided at an orphanage home with the option of staying on the second floor. The climate of Kpando is hot and dry with daytime temperatures ranging from 27-35 C (79-95 F) all year.

In Kpando, communication and sightseeing options are available to visitors. Mobile phones can be purchased or activated from the stores around town. Visitors can also bring their own unlocked mobile phone from home and purchase a local SIM card to obtain a local Ghanaian number. However, for internet access, visitors must make a 15-minute trip to the nearest internet café. While Kpando does not offer many sightseeing options, visitors can still enjoy a lakeside view at Kpando Torkor. Visit the large market community operates every four days and even visits the Heart of Lions football team.NB: (Stadium is now under construction)

Additionally, Kpando holds historical significance as a former German site during the Gold Coast era, with several tourist sites available for exploration, such as the Grottos at Agbenoxoe and Aziave. Visitors can also visit Lake Volta, located west of town, and observe locals collecting driftwood and selling goods to the ferry passengers.

Arriving In Kpando

Greetings! We have some information regarding the excellent character, identity, and values of Kpando in Ghana. They are known for their remarkable traits of kindness and sympathy, which are truly unique to them. However, it’s important to note that due to varying circumstances, there may be a few individuals who do not exhibit these qualities. It’s crucial to understand that this doesn’t imply that this same behavior is prevalent everywhere, as these are but the actions of much fewer individuals.

The people of Kpando are incredibly welcoming and friendly, regardless of location. In the villages, it’s typical for the inhabitants to stare and refer to you as ‘you,’ meaning ‘white man.’ This terminology is not insulting and is the natives’ way of identifying people who look different. For most children, it will be their first time seeing someone of an other race. Another quickly greets you with the word ‘woezor,’ meaning ‘welcome,’ in their dialect, and it would be courteous to respond with ‘Akpe,’ meaning ‘thank you.’

Some Cultural Practices

Hospitality is a beautiful and integral part of Ghanaian culture, and the people of Kpando are no exception. Witnessing the generosity and warmth with which they welcome strangers is genuinely heartwarming. A unique aspect of their culture is using the right hand while eating or passing anything to an elder. Conversely, it is considered disrespectful to pass anything with the left hand. Shaking hands is also done in a particular way – from right to left. Additionally, it is worth noting that funerals in Ghana are traditionally held on weekends, lively and full of music and drumming. As is typical in many African countries, time management is relaxed, and punctuality isn’t a priority.

Moreover, local transportation may take a while to fill up with passengers, so be prepared to wait a little. While in Kpando, do not hesitate to speak out if you are hungry or thirsty, as the locals are eager to help. Lastly, while not many people in the village drink alcohol or smoke, they accept different cultures and lifestyles.

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