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From time to time, we have positions, internships, and other opportunities for volunteers to work directly with them. We welcome volunteers of any type for our projects. Volunteers often choose to either donate their time and expertise on our childcare or orphanage programs or to help out on the administrative side of the organization. Opportunities exist for all interested.

How to Help

There are many ways you can serve our community and do a vital part of the vision of “Ryvanz-Mia Childcare”. We also lean on the strength and expertise of skilled volunteers and community-based partnerships to accomplish our organizational and program goals and to also sustain positive outcomes.Read More

How to Apply as a Volunteer ?

If you are interested in becoming a “Volunteer”, please complete our detailed Volunteer Inquiry Form below to introduce yourself so we can work together to create a giving experience that will effectively serve community & meet your needs as a volunteer.

Donation Hotline:

+233 20 773 4288

I volunteer because I feel that at "Lost Dreams Restored " I really do make a difference. I enjoy being part of the process.
John Kerry
Volunteer at R.M.C


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( Note: We do not have any “jobs” offering compensation; Volunteers are expected to provide for their own travel and expenses.)