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From time to time, we have positions, internships, and other opportunities for volunteers to work directly with Hope Memorial School. We welcome volunteers of any type for our projects. Volunteers often choose to either donate their time and expertise on our childcare or foster parenting programs or to help out on the administrative side of the organization. Opportunities exist for all interested.

How You Can Help Us

Join us as a skilled volunteer or community partner to help fulfill Ryvanz-Mia’s vision. Learn more here

How to Apply as a Volunteer?

Are you looking for opportunities to give back to your community? Are you interested in becoming a volunteer, we have both onsite and online volunteer options available. Are you interested in teaching at Hope Memorial School? We value all of our volunteers and want to ensure that we create a giving experience that is fulfilling for you and effectively serves the community. If you want to get involved, please take a few moments to complete our detailed Volunteer Inquiry Form, which you can access by following the link below. The volunteer form allows you to introduce yourself to us with the necessary information that we can use to determine your interests and match you with the perfect volunteer opportunity that meets your needs.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our volunteer team; we are excited to work alongside you and make a positive impact in our community! Learn more about Volunteer location.

Ghana Momo Number

+233 24 537 9119

+233 53 968 0433

I volunteer because I feel that at "Lost Dreams Restored " I really do make a difference. I enjoy being part of the process.
Founder of RMC
Laia Maldonaldo
Volunteer at R.M.C


Note: We do not have any “jobs” offering compensation; Volunteers are expected to provide for their travel and expenses.

With  $25 or more your contributions help us provide educational materials to support  thousands of children we serve.