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Girl Child Empowerment and support.

The future is female! It’s a statement of hope throughout the world. Once you have educated a girl child, the nation is also educated. Many girls face challenges from time to time amidst their stages of life. Seeing a girl child turn into a vibrant teenager and later on a woman of special stead is worth the effort through support in different ways.

The direct way is by furnishing them with formal education and information through apprenticeship programs to empower them to survive. Many young girls have faced the wrath of being raped, impregnated, infected, and manhandled at different stages. The lucky ones will get the platform to talk about it; the unlucky live in denial.

As parents, we are encouraged to monitor growth stages, provide as much as possible, and boost these young girls to achieve success. When a young girl is forced into marriage by her parents looking up to dowry, the innocent girl goes to a man’s home with barely anything but herself. In this case, one cannot be treated fairly and is subjected to mistreatment only if parents can empower young girls!

The role of Ryvanz-Mia 

As RMC and its management, we are looking at how to strike a balance. Training for parents on parenting and child care is critical since charity begins at home, and engaging one-on-one with the parents to refresh them on the empowerment and independence of the young girls.

Encouraging and supporting those in schools by providing scholarships for the bright but disadvantaged scholars, providing educational materials, and other details in between that could boost the child’s well-being. Even those out of school, as long as they are young for marriage, RMC has embarked on empowering them through apprenticeship programs like tailoring, cake making, and hairdressing. There are already pioneer students on apprenticeship.

We are making a joint effort to empower these young girls to survive, lessen the awkward pressures of life and give hope to future females.

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