Education for all


We provide basic education for our orphans 

Education remains the only way through which we can end the orphan crisis globally.

We have partnered with schools, and with the help of our volunteers, we are able to provide workshops and educational strategies for every orphan child. Also, from Monday to Friday, we are feeding, and help dress the children. Our volunteers teach them basic Maths,English-Reading and writing,to do their homework, household chores, play games and read books with them.

They also have sessions to learn the things they need just like those children who regularly come to their school. With the help of our volunteers, we can provide and meet all the needs of every child under our care. Also, through those people who serve as volunteer with us, we can make a great contribution in the life development of the children. 

Click here to review our basic school calendar if you want to volunteer and  teach in our basic schools in Ghana

How to help?

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Sponsor A Child

100% of the donations given to Ryvanz-Mia are used to provide for children’s needs. Join us in helping the children by donating!

Volunteer with us

We need volunteers to help raise awareness for our program, raise funds, and help keep our programs running smoothly.

Donate A Gift

Send a gift to a child in need. These gifts will be greatly meaningful and appreciated and will go a long way in impacting the lives of these children.



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Girl child protection program

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When there are poverty and ignorance, girl child protection becomes the most crucial issue. While laying the foundation of the Ryvanz-Mia, we make specific arrangements to provide protection, education, and healthcare facilities to the girl-child. 

Our mission is to empower the underprivileged child-girls to enable them to strive for their ambitions, cognize their potential, and to make informed choices. We cater to girl-child needs on an individual basis and provide individual educational support, healthcare facilities, and vocational or entrepreneurial training.

Donate Today or Get Involved

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