Orphan/Foster Care

Orphan/Foster Care

We aim to educate and inspire these children to become independent citizens so that they break the poverty cycle in their lives. Also, we raise them to become leaders in their communities.

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How to help?

Your Orphan Impact Start From Here

Child Care

Becoming an ambassador or sponsor a child every month, or a one-time sponsor with a $20 or more donation each day.

Donate A Gift

Through the help of people like you, we have continually left positive footprints in the hearts of thousands of orphans.No amount is too small.

Sponsor A Project

We have embarked on numerous sustainable projects to help us achieve our short and long term goals to alleviate and support our children.

Who We Are and What We Do

Bringing Happiness to an Orphan!

For over 14 years, we have responded to the needs of orphans and residents.
Against all the odds, we continually care for impoverished children, giving them access to quality healthcare through the benevolence of our volunteers who are medical experts.

Our agricultural program helps us grow food that keeps our children fed. At the same time, our educational facilities educate hundreds of orphans and less privileged kids to help them make better life choices.

With the help of our donors, we have recorded tremendous changes in the lives of children who live in the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Donations of supplies

 With your little or big help, we can support more orphans and needy children better.  

Ryvanz-Mia Childcare (Orphanage) also accepts donations of new and used supplies for the children. Examples include clothing, shoes, toiletries, medicine, home goods, books, school supplies, games, and toys. Donors of supplies should consider the gender, ages, and needs of the children to ensure that their donation is appropriate. While it is not required, it is preferred that donations include something for each of the children or items that they can share in order to avoid hurt feelings.

Wish List

The following list provides an overview of items that are appropriate to donate.

Clothing & Shoes: Clothing and shoes are always needed. The children desperately need underwear, undershirts, and socks. Shoes including sneakers, flip flops, and dress shoes. The climate in Kpando, Ghana is hot therefore t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, pants, and summer pajamas are preferred. Raincoats and boots are also appropriate.

Toiletries & Medicines

Toiletries including toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes clippers for barbering, soaps, etc. are always needed. Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage additionally accepts over-the-counter children’s medicines for pain relief, stomachaches, cold & flu, as well as vitamins.

Home Goods:Bedsheets, towels, etc. are always needed.

Others: Books, school supplies, DVDs, and toys are sure to put smiles on the faces of the children at Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage.

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